Serbian State broadcaster "sorry" for 1990s

BELGRADE -- The Managing Board of the Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) apologized on Monday for "insults, slander and hate speech" it its in programs in the 1990.
A statement on the website the TV and radio outlet said the apology was meant for "the citizens of Serbia and neighboring countries".

he RTS Managing Board noted that during this period, RTB and RTS programs had been "abused in order to discredit the political opposition in Serbia and its leaders and as part of the propaganda of the then non-democratic regime". 

As a result, "RTB and RTS on a number of occasions hurt the feelings, moral integrity and dignity of Serbia's citizens, humanistically oriented intellectuals, members of political opposition, criticism-oriented journalists, some minorities in Serbia, the minority religious communities in Serbia, as well as of the country's neighboring nations and states". 

The newly appointed RTS Managing Board said that during its five-year term, it would do its best to use the programs of the Serbian public service to convey the principles of the rule of law, social justice, democracy, human and minority rights and freedom and commitment to European principles and values.


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