DAMASCUS, SYRIA (00:35 A.M.) – Despite sustaining significant casualties in northern Hama, rebel forces also took their toll on government troops in the region as US-supplied anti-tank missiles repeatedly targeted the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on Saturday.
Although the government forces did repel numerous waves of attacks on the village of Qamhana, a SAA crew was forced to abandon their T-55 tank after a TOW anti-tank missile struck the poorly armored rear end of the armored vehicle.

Αντιαρματικός πύραυλος TOW των τουρκόφιλων "ανταρτών" καταστρέφει άρμα Τ55 του κυβερνητικού συριακού στρατού
: Free Syrian Army destroyed a SAA tank in Qamhana village today.
The missile was fired by Jaish Al-Nasr, a group linked to the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
In a related event, the FSA also claimed to have inflicted an astonishing 150 casualties on the SAA amid another TOW strike on a large gathering of government troops in the northern countryside of Hama. Footage of the later claim can be found here.
Although Al-Qaeda leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani was revealed to be the mastermind behind the Hama operations room, the Islamist offensive does enjoy some backing from Turkey and the US. Additionally, some 600 Euphrates Shield fighters and hundreds more from the Wadi Baradah area in rural Damascus have joined rebel forces in northern Hama.
Around 6,000 insurgents are estimated to be involved in the ongoing Hama offensive