How “German logic” turns into irrationality

Germany, Greece and the Banks, in the context of the EU crisis
By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
I remember the talk I had with the German ambassador in Athens and Mr. Tsipras in February 2013, during a reception at the Russian Embassy. I was speaking with the German ambassador when Tsipras, then leader of the opposition, having finished his own private discussion with the Russian ambassador, saw the German ambassador and myself talking and approached. I was in rather a facetious mood, so I decided, on a sudden impulse, to make a joke, which was not really so much of a joke. As Tsipras joined our company, I said “you will destroy Europe”.

The way I put it, not looking specifically at either of my interlocutors, did not make it clear whom I was really addressing.  They were both startled and asked me: “Who?” (will destroy Europe). “Both”, I answered them. “You will revolt”, I said looking at Tsipras and then, turning to the German ambassador, I added, “and you will suppress him.”
Fifteen years ago I interviewed Karl Lamers on the subject of German strategy towards Europe and the world. He is regarded as the spiritual father of Wolfgang Schäuble and his characteristic brand of German nationalism (“financial”, not military, but not very well dissimulated).

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