“Russiagate” or “Netanyahugate”?

If what Mr. Zuesse is writing, in the following, seemingly very well substantiated article, is true, then extremely serious questions arise as to which forces have helped Mr. Trump become the President in a country where anybody who challenged the establishment got assasinated (for ex. the Kennedies) and which forces are controlling him.
Another extraordinary aspect of all that is also the way such forces have succeeded, up to now, to be hidden behind Russia!
If things like those already revealed are true, then the same forces controlling Mr. Trump can use the situation they helped engineer, to push him to implement their war agenda against both Iran and North Korea, in exchange for help to the President to get out of all this mess. If Mr. Trump will not agree to the war scenarios, then more disturbing revelations may follow.
We hope that all these are simple suppositions and hypotheses, theories of conspiracies and not description of real conspiracies.
But, unfortunately, nightmares tend now to happen more often when we wake up, than when we slip. Maybe this is a reason we slip too much.

“Russiagate” Is Actually “Israelgate”: Trump as “Agent of Israel”, Not of Russia?

The Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s main evidence thus far in his “Russiagate” probe is not actually about possible Russian collusion with Trump to win the Presidency, but instead about definite Israeli collusion with Trump after Trump had already won the Presidency but before he became inaugurated. As a lawyer explained on the day when Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was indicted in a plea-deal: “Mr. Flynn has just become the prosecution’s star witness.” What Flynn had pled to was his trying to obtain Russia’s support for Israel’s Government, against the Palestinians. Russia said no; Putin said no to Flynn’s request, which had been made on behalf of Israel.
The way that Mueller’s investigation, to find reasons for Trump’s impeachment, achieved on December 1st the indictment and plea-deal with Flynn, was to get Flynn to admit (after his first having lied to deny) that he had been asked by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who had been asked by Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to communicate to Russia’s head-of-state Vladimir Putin through Russia’s U.S. Ambassador, a request on behalf of the incoming U.S. Administration of Donald Trump, for Russia to get Israel out of a jam at the U.N. Security Council. Netanyahu didn’t want to be alone in trying to pressure Putin to turn against the Palestinians; he wanted the incoming Trump Administration also to be pressuring Putin to do that — for Russia to veto, this time, a resolution (#2334 in 2016), which, every year in the past, had been supported by Russia; or, failing to achieve that, to get Russia’s support for Israel’s effort to delay the Security Council’s vote, until after Trump would become installed as the U.S. President on January 20th. That’s what Putin was saying no to. 
The initiative in this matter — the matter that has oddly become the...

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