WikiLeaks about Davutoglu’s meeting with Gordon

 WikiLeaks published a secret cable revealing details of Turkish Minister Ahmet Davutoglu with A/S Gordon. The document was classified by U.S. Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey.
According to the document, “Iranians have told the Turks that they have serious problems with the British. They have “more trust” in the U.S.  The Iranians would also prefer to get fuel from the U.S. rather than the Russians. Davutoglu notes that the Turks actually see Ahmadinejad as “more flexible” than others who are inside the Iranian Government.
“Given this context, the Turks had asked Ahmadinejad if the core of the issue is psychological rather than substance.  Ahmadinejad had said “yes”, that the Iranians agree to the proposal but need to manage the public perception,” reads the document revealing details of IAEA proposal concerning low enriched uranium.

“Only Turkey can speak bluntly and critically to the Iranians, Davutoglu contended, but only because Ankara is showing public messages of friendship. Gordon pushed back that Ankara should give a stern public message about the consequences if UN resolutions are ignored.  Davutoglu countered that Erdogan had given just such a statement in Tehran when he visited.  He emphasized that Turkey’s foreign policy is giving a “sense of justice” and a “sense of vision” to the region. Turkey has provided a “third option” in addition to Iran and the Saudis (who he contended are viewed as “puppets” of the US).  The result, he said, is that we "limit Iranian influence in the region”, the document reads.http://news.am/eng/news/39913.html

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  1. "Η Τουρκικη πολιτικη προσφερει δικαιοσυνη και οραμα στην περιοχη" (της Μ. Ανατολης)!
    Ενδιαφερον "ανεκδοτο" αν θυμηθουμε την τουρκικη πολιτικη απεναντι στην Αρμενια η την Κυπρο παραδειγματος χαριν για να μην μακρυγορω!Οσο για την τουρκικη πολιτικη απεναντι στην Ελλαδα (η οποια εντασεται στην"ευρωπαικη" πολιτικη της γειτονος χωρας) εκει να δειτε "δικαιοσυνη" και "οραμα"!
    @Παρεπιντοντως να υποθεσω οτι η οτι το παζαρι για την απαγορευση του κουρδικου σταθμου στην Δανια (το οποιο αναφερται σε αλλο αρθρο του Ινφογνομωνα) υαπαγεται και αυτο στην "δικαιοσυνη" και "οραμα" της Τουρκικης εξωτερικης πολιτικης?
    Χρηστος Βουλγαρης απο Λονδινο


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