The Global Thinker Twitterati

A who's who of the foreign-policy Twitterverse in 2011. 

Alaa Al Aswany (@alaaaswany): For channeling Arab malaise -- and Arab renewal.
Mohamed ElBaradei (@ElBaradei), Wael Ghonim (@Ghonim): For defying the police state -- and inspiring millions to join them.
Razan Zaitouneh (@razanz): For speaking truth to a bloody power.
Rached Ghannouchi (@R_Ghannouchi), Khairat El Shater (@ikhwan): For working to reconcile Islamism and democracy (we hope).
Tawakkol Karman (@TawakkolKarman): For keeping the spirit of the Arab Spring alive against impossible odds.
Wadah Khanfar (@khanfarw): For turning the Al Jazeera revolution into an actual one.

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