Turkey is responsible for the bloodbath in Brussels – Here is the proof

Savvas Kalenteridis
The first page of the Turkish newspaper “Star”, which is controlled directly by Erdogan, reads “Belgium, Terrorist – State”
If anyone has a doubt about this, this is the issue of March 22nd 2016, just before the explosions in Brussels.

When a terrorist organization chooses a target, they want to give a message through their actions.
Moreover, in most of the times, the message is the most important thing in these terrorist actions – even more important than the actual damage done.
This is because the terrorists usually believe that they are excluded from traditional press, and so through a terrorist attack, through a message to the press and the commotion that they create, they get an opportunity to get into the spotlight and gain their target audience’s attention.

In the case of the Brussels twin bombing, there may be messages regarding the very existence of the European Union, but the MAIN message was the one that the government of Belgium refused to take even after the repeated and numerous protests and warnings by the Turkish government, and its controlled non-governmental organizations, such as the Turkish newspapers.

The same day of the EU leaders’ summit, Erdogan himself, along with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, launched a strong attack against the European Union because of its tolerance and support of organizations of the Kurdish Freedom Movement.   

The newspaper “Star”, being under Erdogan’s absolute control, in March 22nd 2016, which is the day of the attacks in Brussels, read “Belgium, Terrorist – State” as its first page headline and was accompanied with photos of Kurds wielding flags of Rozava, which is the autonomous Kurdish state, founded in Northern Syria and which poses a direct threat to Turkey.
In the same paper issue, there were threats by Erdogan against Belgium, and there were of course many relative articles on the newspaper.

Today, the “Star” also has a cover on Belgium with the headline “The snake that was growing inside Belgium’s bosom, turned its head and bit the country” with many and clear references to the presence of members of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and to the security that they enjoy in Belgium, in case that the Belgian people didn’t get the message behind the terrorist attacks.  

Moreover, in today's first page, the islamic newspaper AKIT, one of the unofficial leading organizations of the Justice and Development Party, shares the same headline with the "Star" and in the accompanying photo, just in case that Belgium didn't get the message, it depicts the former Kurdish politician, Mr. Zübeyir Aydar, a leading member of the Kurdish Liberation Movement, and Ms. Fehriye Erdal who is being accused for the murder of Sabancı - both of them residents of Belgium. In their... covering of the story the headline reads "Belgium, supporter of terrorists".

Today, Hadi Ozisik, wrote an article with the title “Whoever goes to bed with terrorism, is forced to wake alongside it as well”, for the Erdogan-controlled online newspaper INTERNET HABER, where he mentions that:

“The government that runs this country, against the protests and the objections of Turkey, gives permission and allows the PKK to operate its propaganda. They never said a word when the PKK was setting camps and made rallies with their supporters. On the other hand the Belgian government, by supporting the Public Defense Forces* (YPG) which is considered to be the biggest enemy of the “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria, was essentially sending a message to the jihadists to “come over and bomb us”.

There are additional evidence for this case, as there are evidence regarding the attacks in France, which were also intended as a message to Hollande, because the later dared to welcome the leaders of the YPG, in their military uniforms, at the Presidential Palace of France in Paris.
There is no need to look for the names of the terrorists or the organizations behind them.
Turkey is a strategic ally of ISIS and has the power to “contract jobs” directly to the leadership of ISIS and from that point the countdown for the next terrorist attack begins.

I hope that the Prime Minister and his ministers will read and analyze the above information, the same leaders who, through their actions have made Greece a hostage to the mercy of Turkey, and if they don’t wake up, they will soon find themselves facing developments that they could not even imagine.

*Public Defense Forces* (YPG), is the army who has been formed by the order of Abdullah Ocalan in Rozava (Northern Syria), has defeated the jihadists, and has liberated all the territories being inhabited by Kurds in Syria. It is considered an enemy and a direct threat to Turkey because of its alliance with the U.S.A. and it is the driving force behind the founding of the second Kurdish state in the region.

Translation by Stavros Kalenteridis  

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