by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
The Hungarian and the Slovak Foreign Ministers, speaking to a recent conference, have advanced the idea for new enlargements of NATO in the Balkans and even in Georgia.
It is obvious that Budapest and Bratislava do not speak for themselves. They are the mouthpiece of USA and the “pro-War” party inside western establishment.

The only thing that such an enlargement can do is to fuel the Cold War in Europe and even increase the risks of a hot confrontation.
This is a real risk, because Western elites do not (want to) understand how decisive is Moscow. They underestimate massively the strength of the Russian national feeling (as Napoleon and Hitler did before them) and they totally misunderstand the reasons for the Soviet “collapse-suicide”. USSR had enormous problems to face, but it would never collapse if its own elite had not decided to become part of the western system.
As for “old Europe”, France and Germany, they failed miserably in producing any serious idea about the international policy of EU. Neoconservatives took hold on French power with Sarkozy, back in 2007, as for Germans they followed passively and miserably the neoconservative line and provocations in Ukraine. By attacking Greece and European periphery, in the way it did, Berlin has inflicted defeat to itself, creating the objective basis for enlarging US influence in South Europe.