Chantilly, Virginia, May 31, to June 3rd
On the eve of the annual meeting of the notorious Bilderberg Conference, Green Party Congressional Candidate Joseph Diaferia (NY-16) has issued a statement demanding that the 58 year old conference’s meetings, deliberations, and decisions be made public. The Conference, founded in the Netherlands in 1954, is a yearly assemblage of political and business leaders from North America and Western Europe that meets clandestinely. Politicians and heads of state are also frequently in attendance.

It has been reported by many independent journalists that major policy decisions including, which trade agreements will be enacted, which leaders will be deposed, and who the next presidents and prime ministers will be, are taken by the Bilderberg Conference. For example, the presidencies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are said to have been foreordained at the 1990 and 2008 Conferences respectively. This year’s venue is said to be Chantilly, Virginia, where the 2008 Conference was held.

Asked for comment on the influence of the Bilderberg Conference on public policy, Diaferia responded, “This is a Rockefeller construct; it would be imprecise to call it an organization because although it has its so-called regular attendees every year—David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Robert Rubin, Vernon Jordan, Richard Holbrooke, Etienne D’Avignon, and so on—they have no offices, and they have no specific location or headquarters. They meet by invitation only, their meetings are closed, their findings are secret, but their decisions often have far-reaching implications. Given the chronology and trajectory of presidential politics before and after the 2008 Conference, it is not much to conclude that this is where Barack Obama’s beatification was finalized”.

When reminded of the Conference’s relatively recent admission of its existence, Diaferia commented, “Yes, they’ve allowed as how they exist, but that’s all. They still insulate themselves from public oversight or any other democratizing process. In fact, they finally stipulated to their existence only because they could no longer conceal it. For decades, independent journalists have pursued the Conference assiduously, and finally, David Rockefeller—I believe in his memoirs—had no choice but to acknowledge the Conference’s existence. But, their discussions and confabulations are never made public.”

Asked what could be done to check the Conference’s influence, Diaferia answered, “Publicity and exposure are vital here. Information regarding Bilderberg must continue to be communicated to the masses of people, and those with knowledge of this Conference must not be intimidated. In fact, one takes some encouragement by the fact that in addition to political libertarians, who have done extraordinary work regarding the exposure of Bilderberg, left progressives have also begun to take note of the Conference in larger numbers. Indeed, I’m noticing that there are fewer tendencies among progressives to attribute Bilderberg to the imaginations of conspiracy theorists. People of all political stripes are realizing that this is very serious.” Continued Diaferia, “For that matter, we might even look to the mainstream media. While I hate to sound as though I’m defending Lou Dobbs, wasn’t it he who reported that an amalgam of Rockefeller funded think tanks was, and perhaps still is, planning a North American Union?”

Diaferia concluded by commending the anti-Bilderberg activists who plan on descending upon Chantilly, Virginia this weekend, and appealing to the American people to heed the admonitions of President John F. Kennedy and the late U.S. Representative Lawrence P. MacDonald (D-FLA) who spoke forebodingly of the influence and power of such elite organizations: “While I hold no brief for Larry McDonald, or even for JFK to any great extent, one needn’t be a disciple of either to be informed and vigilant against Bilderberg’s unchecked influence and power. Kennedy was only a tentative champion of the working class, and McDonald was wrong—almost to the point of being comical, with his anti-communism. But their alarm at the untrammeled power of elite organizations was quite reasoned. ”

This year’s Bilderberg Conference is scheduled to run from May 31, to June 3rd.


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